Select entire Excel column with a shortcut

How to select an entire Excel column of data, i.e. all the way down from the top the end? To select the current column down to the last cell, you can use a keyboard shortcut. This Excel shortcut works with a table and will stop at the last line of the table.

But it also works with data that is not inside a table. It will detect the filled lines and stop at the first empty line of the selected column. Excel shortcuts save a lot of time and also limit cell manipulation errors. Especially when editing Excel tables with thousands of rows.

How to select an entire column in Excel till the last cell of the table or column?

The Excel shortcut to select a column from the current cell to the last cell is as follows:


Two steps are needed to select a full column of data in Excel:

  1. Select the first cell of the column, usually in the line. Or you may skip the header is need be.
  2. Use the CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW shortcut to select the entire column.

Excel shortcut to select entire column to the end of data

After the selection, the data can be copied in a new column or any other software to manipulate or analyse the data.

On the other hand, the CONTROL + DOWN ARROW shortcut only allows you to move down the current cell to the last cell. That is to say only one cell.

Note that this tip applies to a list or a table or simply a column with data. Here is a post on how to disable the scroll lock option in Excel.