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SSIS Training Full Course (SQL Server Integration Services)

SSIS Training Presentation Video

Discover our SSIS Online Training presentation video : Data Integration with SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Through the SSIS Training Presentation Video, we are thrilled to introduce our first complete learning resource: Data Integration…

How To Use IF THEN ELSE in SQL Server?

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T-SQL Tutorials

SSIS Tutorials

How to count distinct rows with SSIS?

How to calculate the number of distinct rows from a table or a file within a data flow using SSIS? Tutorial to learn how to count distinct rows in a SQL Server table or…

MS-DOS Scripting Tutorials

How to display the current directory path with cmd?

How to display the current directory path with cmd commands? Command to display the current directory path, which is the folder where a cmd prompt is currently running. The MS-DOS command prompt is a…

How to copy files recursively using Windows cmd?

Script examples to do a recursive Windows copy using the xcopy command. To copy files recursively with the cmd command prompt, use the Windows xcopy command and the recursive option. The xcopy command is…

How to list files in a Windows folder with cmd?

How to list all the files in a Windows folder using ms-dos commands? When it comes to List files in a huge folder with cmd in Windows, it’s highly recommended, even mandatory. Indeed, use…

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  1. Comprehensive SSIS Mastery: Discover the art of ETL processes, data integration, transformations, and migrations with SSIS. Become an expert in deploying packages, managing data flows, and creating robust pipelines that effectively manage your data.
  2. T-SQL Programming Power: Grasp the intricacies of T-SQL, from basics to advanced stored procedures, triggers, and dynamic SQL. Leverage the full capabilities of SQL Server, optimize your queries, and manipulate data like never before.
  3. Expert Instructors: Learn from the industry’s seasoned professionals with real-world experience. Our trainers are passionate about data and dedicated to imparting their expertise to you.
  4. Hands-on Experience: Our sessions are not just theory-heavy lectures. Engage in hands-on exercises, tackle real-world challenges, and build a portfolio that showcases your skills.
  5. Post-training Support: Even after your training is over, we’re here to help. Our community forums, support teams, and extensive resource libraries ensure you’re never stuck.

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