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Find my IP address with cmd - MS-DOS

Find my IP address with cmd

To access information on the Internet, a Windows 10 PC needs a unique address that can be used to find the desired content. This address is called the Internet Protocol Address (IP). To find my IP address on Windows 10 in CMD, there are mainly two methods, the first with the MS-DOS command prompt and the second with the graphical interface from the Windows settings.

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies a computer network, device or other resource connected to the internet.

The IP address of a machine is unique and identifies each device connected to the Internet. When you enter a domain name or website URL into your browser, it automatically looks up the IP address of that domain and displays it for you.

Find my IP address with the MS-DOS cmd

First of all, a PC uses IP addresses to route data packets over networks. They can be used to identify a user’s location on the Internet. They are therefore an important part of the infrastructure and security of the Internet.

To display the IP address of a PC on Windows with MS-DOS, simply run the command ipconfig. This method also works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 11.

Find my IP addresses of all active network cards with cmd

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Next to the Start button, press the Search button (or use the Windows + R shortcut)
  2. Type cmd or Command Prompt, then press Enter.
  3. In the black window of the command prompt, type the command ipconfig and press Enter.

This command displays the status of all enabled cards on the PC. For example, if the Wi-Fi network card is disabled, then it will not appear in the list.

Find your IP address from the CMD command line with Windows 10 and ipconfig

A v4 IP address uses a format like this, 4 numbers separated by dots: (local address)

Whereas a V6 IP address has a different format, so it’s 8 groups of numbers in hexadecimal, separated by colons:


In this example, it is also possible to abbreviate the V6 IP address like this:

DOS commands are also very powerful for deleting files and folders recursively.


Find my IP address and network card options with cmd

Next, to display the IP address and other settings of the PC’s network cards (wifi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet), use the /all option. The additional settings displayed are for example :

  1. DHCP enabled
  2. The physical address of the card or MAC address
  3. The description
  4. Enabling autoconfiguration (versus manual address configuration)
ipconfig /all

It’s a good start to find and display my IP address, but sometimes you need to renew it with a cmd command to refresh the internet connection.

Renewing my PC’s IP addresses

With a Windows PC, to renew the IP addresses of the connected cards, use the ipconfig command and add the renew option. This option renews only the cards already connected, because it is the DHCP protocol that gives a new IP address.

ipconfig /renew

Empty the DNS cache of Windows 10

If you have problems connecting to the Internet or if you change your configuration. Computer network specialists recommend clearing the DNS (Domain Name System) server cache to refresh it.

ipconfig /flushdns

The Domain Name System or DNS is a service that translates human readable domain names into IP addresses. This allows users to connect to websites by typing in the URL of their favourite sites rather than their IP address, which is much less easy to remember. For example:

www.google.fr instead of

The Domain Name System (DNS) therefore translates human readable domain names into corresponding IP addresses to be found on the network. This conversion process takes place every time someone visits a website.

DNS servers are therefore the backbone of the internet. Without them, we would have no easy way to access websites. DNS servers have authority over websites and web services. They are the ones who control domain names and root servers. The hierarchy of the Internet system is a pyramid with DNS root servers at the top.

For example:

  • com (managed by root servers)
  • is above google.com
  • which is above www.google.com

To conclude, know how to find my IP address with cmd is an important skill. The network address is an important element for debugging or configuring an internet connection. Here are other Windows tutorials, for example to learn how to copy files recursively with PowerShell.


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