How to edit WooCommerce email templates ?

Change and configure emails sent by the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress.

After adding WooCommerce to WordPress, how to edit the email templates used by the e-commerce plugin. Indeed, you sometime need to install many plugins in our WordPress E-Commerce website. And sometimes the options and menus in the administrator dashboard starts to become too numerous.

For example, for my installation, i Have a lot of the MailPoet options that can overwrite the WooCommerce templates with customization for example. So when is the option to edit the email templates ? Follow this short tutorial to easily customize your E-Commerce emails.

Where to edit the email templates sent by WooCommerce plugin ?

So, to edit the template and change the emails settings, simply follow these steps:

  1. First, start by connecting to the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Select WooCommerce
  3. Then go to Settings
  4. And open the Emails tab
  5. Then select the Manage button to access all the options for this email template

List of all email templates in WooCommerce

Then you’ll find all the emails template with the default settings :

  • New Order
  • Canceled Order
  • Failed Order
  • Order On-Hold
  • Order Processing
  • Order Completed
  • Order Refunded
  • Customer Invoice
  • Customer Note
  • Password Reset
  • New Account

In this list of email templates, let me highlight something about the the orders related emails. They must have a proper email address notification set up, so you can be informed when important actions happens on your online shop.

Configure the From Name and Address

Below this list, you also have an option to manage the sender options, called Email sender options. It is also very important to use transparent name and address. And moreover, a professional address, that if possible uses the same domain name as your WordPress installation.

WordPress and WooCommerce options and themes

As a reminder WordPress is the most famous and most used blogging platform on the web. Build on Linux and using PHP along with open source database, usually MySQL. it is an open source project that can be used in two ways:

  1. The free solution, with custom installation and hosting.
  2. The 100% managed platform, paying option.

Of course, on both options you have free and paid plugins, and more importantly, free and paid themes. Usually the best themes or their premium versions are paid, you can find very good e-comerce themes on platforms like CodeCanyon for example.

WooCommerce email templates customization

That’s it for this short technical tutorial about WordPress and WooCommerce. And also how to quickly access the customnization menu for email templates.

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