How to remove the Firefox volume popup on Windows 10 ?

How to remove the big Firefox volume popup overlay on Windows ? When watching a video using Firefox, changing the volume on my Windows 10 laptop, the volume popup bothers me. And every time I increase or decrease the volume it comes back. I usually use the shorts cuts on my laptop or on my keyboard, it is more effective.

How to disable the Firefox volume popup overlay on a Windows 10 PC ?

Indeed, the default settings displays a big popup above the other windows. Depending on your Windows settings, for a few seconds or more. To remove or to be more precise, make smaller this bothering Firefox popup, follow these steps:

  1. First, open your Firefox browser using your Windows desktop.
  2. Type this URL about:config in the browser, or copy and paste it.
  3. Then a warning is displayed, select “Accept the risk and continue“.
  4. Search for the Firefox volume popup parameter: media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled and change its status from true to false.
  5. Finally, close all Firefox windows and open the software again.

Now you still have a Windows notification displayed when adjusting the volume. But it is smaller and it only displays the volume and not the name of the YouTube video for example. This kind of popup is bothering, like the weather widget in the Windows taskbar.


That’s it for this short technical blog article to better manage Windows and Firefox options. It is about how to simply remove the Firefox volume popup on Windows when watching YouTube or other online videos on your computer using the browser.

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