List files in folder with cmd

When it comes to listing huge directories in Windows, it’s mandatory to use scripting to avoid a tremendous manual work. Automation is key here, with very simple bash commands windows system can do all the work.

How to list all files in a folder with a Windows command line?

Use the dir command line to display the full list of files inside a specific directory.

To display the list of files with some attributes, use the dir command.

The default attributes are the following:

  1. The creation date and time.
  2. The type, if <DIR> is displayed then it is a directory, if not it is a file.
  3. The size of the files, in bytes.
  4. The name of the folder or the file with the extension, like for example file.txt.

The command also lists the total number of files in the folder and the total size. And also the total number of folders and the free disk space available in the current drive in bytes.

Please note the dir command without options do not display the hidden files nor the windows system files.