List indexes in SQL Server database with a query

How to list indexes in SQL Server database with one SQL query ? It can be very useful to display all database indexes. Indeed, to have an idea immediately at how this SQL Server database is optimized with indexes, whether an index is A clustered or a non-clustered one. T-SQL query to list all indexes in a SQL Server database This query offers you

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Word shortcuts

Here is a selection of the best Word keyboard shortcuts. How can you save time when using Office with keyboard shortcuts? When it comes to writing quickly in Microsoft Word, the biggest obstacle to efficiency is managing the side tasks. So, these MS Word shortcut keys are more than helpful, they literately give us more time to focus on important tasks. In other words,


Create a text list of files in a folder with cmd

How to create a list of all Windows files contained in a folder and insert it into a text file with a cmd command? It pretty easy and it is the combination of two MS-DOS scripts, you need to add in the command to redirect the output of the dir batch comand. 1. How to create a list of the files in a folder


List files recursively with cmd in folders and subfolders

List all the files contained in a folder and its subfolders recursively with a cmd script. Per default, use the cmd tool with the dir command allows to list all files and folders within a given folder, but not recursively. To display a complete of files and optionally folders within all the subfolders, use the dir command options as follows. Cmd scripts to list


List files in folder with cmd

When it comes to listing huge directories in Windows, it’s mandatory to use scripting to avoid a tremendous manual work. Automation is key here, with very simple bash commands windows system can do all the work. How to list all files in a folder with a Windows command line? Use the dir command line to display the full list of files inside a specific