Drop a SQL Server View

How to drop a SQL Server view with a T-SQL query? The DROP VIEW command allows you to simply delete an existing view with a T-SQL script run from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The script below is an example of how to delete a view in a SQL database. That is, the view is deleted, but not the source tables to which it


Empty a SQL Server table (TRUNCATE)

How do I clear all the data in a SQL Server table with a query? From SSMS, connect to the SQL Server database and use the TRUNCATE TABLE command to clear the data from the table. Note that the TRUNCATE command is different from the DELETE query in that all data is removed without any filter. The TRUNCATE command is therefore faster and recommended.


Drop a table in SQL Server

How to drop a table in SQL Server with a T-SQL command? Simply use the DROP TABLE command. Indeed, the syntax of the MSSQL command to delete a table from a database is straight forward. Just remember to fill in the schema followed by the name of the SQL Server table in the case where a schema that dbo, for database owner, is used.

SQL Server errors

Cannot find the object because it does not exist

How to avoid the SQL Server Truncate Table Error Cannot find the object? In SQL Server, to clear the full content of a table, the fastest way is to run a truncate Table query. The Truncate is different from the Delete From query. Because it empties all the lines in the table without a Where clause, it’s a database definition language SQL operation. In


SQL Server Pivot example

How to use the pivot table sql server function ? Use the SQL Server Pivot example query to change rows to columns with the T-SQL built-in function ? The SQL Server Pivot query can pivot lines to columns. What is the easy syntax of a PIVOT query? The PIVOT function is pivoting the lines into columns, in order to work, provide the names of

IT Concepts

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) is a global management approach. It aims to harmonise all aspects of an organisation and to improve the capture of its customers’ needs. BPM is highly customer oriented. It promotes business efficiency by focusing on innovation. But also, on flexibility and the integration of technology into business processes. BPM improves processes continuously; it is called an optimisation process. BPM enables


Script to create a view in SQL Server

To add a new view in a database, use this script written in T-SQL to create a view in SQL Server. A SQL view allows you to display specific columns of an existing table. Think of a view as a virtual table defined by a SQL query selection. It is a set of columns and rows in a table. SQL Server developers create and


List indexes in SQL Server database with a query

How to list indexes in SQL Server database with one SQL query ? It can be very useful to display all database indexes. Indeed, to have an idea immediately at how this SQL Server database is optimized with indexes, whether an index is A clustered or a non-clustered one. This query offers you a synthetic list of indexes. If shows for example if the

Word tips

How to delete a horizontal line with Microsoft Word?

How to delete a horizontal line in Word? A horizontal line appears in your Word document and you cannot delete it. In this short article, we will show you how to delete this horizontal line in Word. In Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2016 or Word 2019, for example, create a horizontal line consisting of several dashes. Then press the Enter key, the dashes