Excel column data type in SSIS import into SQL Server

How to Detect the Excel column data type with SSIS import into SQL Server ? The integration of Excel files via SSIS requires you to freeze the data type in the OLEDB component. This is because the Excel data type is determined in SSIS by sampling the first 8 rows of the default column in the OLEDB component for Excel sources. Therefore, to integrate


Import data from Excel to SQL Server with SSMS

In this SQL Server tutorial, here is how to Import data from an Excel file to a database, with the SQL Server wizard, without SQL code. To do this, use the Data Import Wizard from SQL Server Management Studio. In this example, here is how to import data from a source Excel file to a SQL Server target table. To Import an Excel file

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Download SQL Server 2019 developer free edition (MSSQL)

Where to download the MS SQL Server 2019 developer free edition ? It’s the free edition and contains the full set of available features. It also provides a real option for evaluation for developments, tests, and proof of concepts. Nevertheless, it is not for use in a production environment. Indeed, SQL developers must install the DBMS tool locally to understand its architecture and operation.


Split text with XML or STRING_SPLIT function in SQL Server

How to split a delimited text with XML or STRING_SPLIT function in SQL Server ? The string to split can have a comma or a semicolon delimiter. Using an SQL Server query, you can cut a string compounded of text, delimited by commas, semicolons, tabulations, dash, underscore, or even dots. It can basically be any character that defines a delimited text. Indeed, for example,


Line break with SQL Server

How to remove line break from a text with SQL Server ? If you store a string as a variable or a column in SQL Server, then it can contain line breaks. For example, if you export the string to excel, your line will be cut. Indeed, with SSMS, if you select data containing carriage return or new lines, then the screen displays the


Split text after character with SQL Server Substring

How to split a text after a particular character with the SQL Server Substring function ? Like for example a file name file.txt to separate the file name from its extension. Indeed, it is obvious that splitting a string just before the point character must be done dynamically, i.e., whatever the position of the character is. How to split a text after a predefined

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XMLA stands for XML for Analysis

XMLA stands for XML for Analysis or Extensible Mark-up Language for Analysis. It’s a protocol built on top of XML language. It allows data access from standard multidimensional data sources. Client applications accesses Microsoft cubes and tabular models using the XMLA language and the HTTP protocol. Firstly, what is XMLA or XML for Analysis? Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cubes and Tabular models both uses

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MDX stands for Multidimensional Expressions

First, what does MDX stands for? MDX stands for Multidimensional Expressions. It’s a database programming language to query and create calculations and measures in Microsoft cubes. It’s a language used by databases dedicated to analysis. To go further, let’s consider the two types of Microsoft databases, multidimensional and transactional ones. In this article we are dealing with the first type of database: the multi

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DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expression, it is the Microsoft language to manipulates data in Microsoft SSAS Tabular cubes as well as in Power BI, and in Excel PowerPivot. The DAX library is a Powerful and user-friendly Microsoft library of different type of functions addressing different purposes. The DAX functions can be time intelligence functions or filter functions for example. What DAX abbreviation stands

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Delete a SQL Server function with a script

How to delete a SQL Server function with a script ? Or how to drop a SQL Server function, also called user-defined function? This SQL command allows to get rid of a SQL Server function. However, it does not check if the function exists. This article shows how to do this with a very simple example. How to delete a SQL function with a script