Excel Tips

Download and install the OLEDB driver for Excel 2010

How to download and install the OLEDB drivers and components for Excel 2010 ? This set of components is called Drivers Database Access 2010 or Redistributable Microsoft Access 2010 Database Engine. It facilitates the transfer and connections between Microsoft Office Access 2010 files and Microsoft Office Excel 2010 files to databases like SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012). Indeed, the Access 2010

Excel Tips

Download and install the Excel OLEDB 2007 driver

Download OLEDB Driver for Excel 2007 allows to read Excel files from applications using ODBC or OLEDB connections. The driver for Excel 2007 is needed for example to load Excels files from SSIS. Here are the 3 steps to follow to use your files from ODBC or OLEDB connections. How to download and install the Excel OLEDB 2007 driver to create connections? First of


Clustered index in SQL Server

What is a SQL Server clustered index ? The definition of a SQL Server index is a structure, i.e. a file, stored physically in a disk. It’s like the master data file and the log data file that composes a database. Basically, to find the associated lines or rows faster, the index stores one or more key columns. So what’s the definition of a

SQL Server tables

Check if table exists in SQL Server

How to Check if table exists in SQL Server before to delete it ? How to drop it only if the existence check shows it already exists in the database to avoid errors, using the DROP TABLE keyword. Indeed, when running long SQL scripts or running scripts twice, it is much better to test the table existence. Indeed, we highly recommend testing the table


Copy a file with PowerShell

How to copy a file to another folder with windows PowerShell copy script? There are several efficient options to copy Windows files from the PS command prompt. In PowerShell scripting, use the Copy-Items command in a Windows PowerShell prompt. It is also possible to copy from the GUI, but this option is very manual. Indeed, it is always possible to copy files and folders

SQL Server error

Database does not exist error in sp_MSforeachdb

How to fix the database does not exist error in sp_MSforeachdb ? With MS SQL Server, when using the sp_MSforeachdb system stored procedure, the system displays this error “Database does not exist. Make sure that the name is entered correctly.”. But only in specific cases and for certain databases. The stored procedure displays the error because the database tries to access a database that

IT Concepts

Definition of Big Data and its concepts

Definition of Big Data and its concepts, marketing among others. Big Data Analytics is data that is larger than the capacity of commonly used software tools. These tools are used to capture, manage and process data in an acceptable timeframe, i.e. quantities of data that traditional BI tools cannot handle. This data is constantly growing, from a few terabytes to several petabytes. MIKE 2.0